Thursday, June 20, 2019

Thank you NRT

Have you checked the NRT (North Renfrew Times)Newspaper this week? It features a nice picture of our swimmers at our wrap-up celebration.
Again this season, we have been fortunate to have NRT publish many of our submitted photos and captions, as well as, a feature in Club News. We thank the NRT for helping our swimmers to really shine and feel recognised. It is marvellous to see their newspaper pictures hung up at Mackenzie Community School and displayed on the bulletin board at the pool. This really brings our community together and we are grateful! Small Town, Big Waves!
The Deep River Candu Swim Club gathered together its members for a special event to conclude the 2018/19 swim season. It was an event jammed packed with Awards, Prizes, the AGM and the Chris Forbes Marine FUN SWIM. Laura Chin, Kyle Daley, Lydia Dillenbeck, Melina Doncaster, Amy Fraser, Liam McKenna, Kieran Merrick, Emily Seguin, Misha Seydaliev and Hannah Williams; were the recipients of our swim awards, but we acknowledge all the hard work and progress made by EVERY Candu Swimmer this season! Best of luck to Liam McKenna and Laura Chin as they move on to pursue post secondary educations. We are thankful for our coaches and this community's support and look forward to a new/exciting swim season in the Fall! Small Town, Big Waves!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Thank you!

The Candu Swim Club could not have enjoyed such a successful swim season without the uplifting team at the Deep River Pool and support from this extraordinary Town. Thank you to Christine Armstrong and everyone at Town Hall, as well as Sara Hobson and her incredible crew at the pool!
Small Town, Big Waves!


We are so proud of our community and all our Candu swimmers and their families for supporting our last FUNdraiser for the season.
Thanks to Deep River's Canadian Tire we raised both FUN and FUNDs for the Candus and the Jumpstart Program. We're grateful to everyone that came for a car wash and those that paid us NOT to wash their cars. lol We also appreciated all the waves, honks, smiles and encouragement!!!
It was a real pleasure spending time with these young people. They worked hard and they really came together beautifully as a team, which is what this is all about! (That's not to say that we didn't turn the hose on each other, but it was all in great fun and AMAZING TEAM SPIRIT and I was thrilled to be part of it!)
Thank you; Issac, Misha, Sitara, Sachin, Tavish, Skye, Julie, Kyle, Lydia, Kieran, Oliver, Coach Catherine, Tammy, Kathleen, Nina, and JeN!!!
Also thank you to Will Fitton for organising this special event!!!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Thank you so much to Chris Forbes Marine for sponsoring today's event. Thanks to everyone that came out to participate, or help and maybe surprised themselves by being voted onto the executive! (maybe even President). Thank you Chuck Fraser!
Moving on from one great event to another and the last before we break for the summer. It's the Father's Day Candu Car Wash at Canadian Tire from 11-2pm. Come out to help and Tell all your friends!!!

Today: INDOOR FUN! Tomorrow: OUTDOORS!!!

Perfect weather for both events! CANDUS, Join us TODAY at 1:30pm for indoor fun & enjoy THE CHRIS FORBES MARINE FUN SWIM.

TOMORROW we'll be outside enjoying the sun and getting wet at Canadian Tire for our FATHER'S DAY Car Wash! WITH TREATS AND RAFFLES PRIZES FOR OUR VOLUNTEERS! Let's support Candus and the Jumpstart program!!!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Tomorrow 1:30pm at the pool!

What more can we say! Tomorrow's the big day. Come celebrate a successful swim season and your amazing swimmers!!!

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Mini Bottle Drive Reminder

Don't forget to cash in any bottles you've collected from friends and family. We are happy to accept those donations, a cash jar will be present, June 15th at our exciting Awards/AGM/ Chris Forbes Matinee Fun Swim. If I'm correct the amount already collected is approximately $75. Keep up the great work CANDUS!