Thursday, March 21, 2019

Get excited for Swimathon!
SWIM-A-THON has officially launched!
We've set our goal high and hope you will too. Together we will make this event amazing!
**As a side note: let's give Catherine Kerr, our Candu Kid's Co-ordinator and all the Candu Kids coaches a pat on the back. The energy in the pool this session is absolutely incredible and very exciting! It was also fantastic to see this enthusiasm extend into the bleachers. We are so fortunate to have amazing families be part of Team CANDUS and this includes our swim parents, so pat yourselves on your backs as well! Go Candus!

Monday, March 18, 2019

Top Earner (Week #2)

Congrats to Kieran and Oliver. Two brothers that have teamed up for SWIM-A-THON. This week they earned $165 in pledges, bringing their total to $500 so far. They've earned a special CANDU BAR to share at SWIM-A-THON. Keep reading to find out more about this fun new idea!
SWIM-A-THON has already started. Visit to set up your swimmer's profile and start collecting pledges now. This is the club's biggest source of fundraising so we encourage all swimmers to participate and set your goal high! Even if you miss your mark, if we all come together and try as a team we'll definitely win.
This is a terrific club event for swimmers and more details will follow, but right now we are going to recognise our first TOP WEEKLY EARNER! Each week we will determine the swimmer that collected the most $$$ in pledges for that week. At SWIM-A-THON these swimmers will receive a very special CANDU BAR (chocolate) and like something straight out of Willie Wonka one Special CANDU BAR will have a special prize tucked inside, for an extra special treat. Keep tuned for more ways to earn special CANDU BARS along the way.

Session 3 is Starting. REGISTER NOW!

We hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break and are excited to get back in the water.
Juniors/Seniors are diving in tonight and Candu Kids starts splashing again TOMORROW.
Sign up for Session 3 NOW!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Pasta Supper Fundraiser will be held on Saturday, 13 April. Doors, at the Deep River Legion, will open at 5:30pm and we run until 8:30pm or food runs out. Pricing will be added shortly once the details are wrinkled out.
The menu is traditional pasta with a variety of pasta baked pasta dishes (gluten free pasta is available); home made bread; salads (garden & caesar) and desserts (Gluetin free available); tea/coffee. There will be a cash bar. We'll have a 50/50 and chance to win a great Pasta Supper Themed Gift Basket! Also, something new and exciting this year; our swimmers came together at a Team Building Paint night to create some amazing artwork that will be on display and up for auction to support the Candus. Let's encourage our swimmers to try new things as a Team and appreciate their talent, thanks to Olga Nazarkina for her time and instruction.

We'll need plenty of Candu volunteers to help with fun preparations, decorating and serving. Details to follow, but mark this date on your calendar and help us to spread the word about this great event! Share the post, invite your friends and make sure you come with an appetite!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

CALENDAR! Making Plans with Candu!

We have a lot of really special events coming up in Session 3. Please make sure you mark your calendars and whenever necessary don't forget to sign up or R.S.V.P. We want to be sure that ALL our Candus can join in the fun activities and really be part of our TEAM CANDUs!