Friday, November 12, 2010

Hi ICS parents,

Mitch has been busy planning a fun event for our CANDU non-competitive (ie., fitness) and Stage 2 & 3 I Can swim swimmers.

Here is the outline:

*Saturday, Dec 11, participate in a fun "Candy Cane Meet" at Carlton University (ROC swim club hosting just us) from 11:30 - 1:30
     - just for fun, similar to the great pumpkin.
*Travel to Morrisburg to visit Upper Canada Village and the Festival of Lights
    - open to any ICS swimmer & family, even if too young for meet - join us there, or come cheer on our swimmers first.
    - families travel separately, but we visit the village as a group.
    - stay overnight nearby and play or shop on the way home Sunday - many opportunities....

For the moment, we would like to get an idea of numbers (we do know a few details such as cost, but...).  Please reply to this email to indicate one of the following:

1.  Great!  Will bring family for both the fun meet and Upper Canada Village,
2.  Not interested,
3.  Fun meet only,
4.  Upper Canada Village only,
5.  Need more information, or
6.  Possible, but cannot commit yet.

Please let me know your thoughts by Monday November 15th.
Thank you,

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