Thursday, March 26, 2015

Programming Update

Precomp, Jr & Sr Fitness, Comp & Masters:
There will be a practice in Petawawa from 8:00-9:25pm Fri Mar 27/15.  If you are attending, please indicate to Jim McKenna ( by 6pm as he will make sure your admittance fee is covered.  Meet in the Deep River Pool Parking lot at 7:20pm.  The club takes no responsibility in car pooling or safe arrival.

Further programming for the weekend will be finalized by 5pm tomorrow.  Check this blog then.

Problem with the Pool:
The current problem with the pool is completely unrelated to the two most recent leak closures.  The current closure was caused by a series of unpredictable events which caused a flood in the filter room which then interfered with the electrical system.  Although it is still frustrating because of the closure we're relieved that the leak repairs are still holding until the pool closes this summer for the major renovation.

Pizza Kits:
Please pick-up your Pizza Kits on Friday March 27/15 @ 3:30pm in the Deep River Pool parking lot.


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